Friday, July 27, 2007

some Green ideas

You all know that most of my "green" choices are mainly due to financial reasons! However I have been listening to a Series of messages from Pastor Rob Bell (Thanks Mary!!) from Mars Hill in Michigan about God is Green.
So in honor of my wanting to go MORE Green in my effort to preserve all that God has given us, I thought I would include my Green Ideas. Some are not mine, I just copied them off of things! I have dubbed that I have earned my Girls Scout Patch for recycling and I would love to give you a Patch too! (See picture above)
Here goes...Hope you can use these to better your world and ours!

* Ok if you don't have incadecent lightbulbs, GET THEM!!! They do take some getting used too, but they are awesome at saving you money on your electric bill. Also, again if you go to Walgreens you can get them for CHEAP. They typically have coupons from PSE (or maybe your local Electric Co.) that make them either free or about 18 cents a piece. Last time when I went I bought 24 and only spent about $5. How cheap is that??! Don't forget Ikea is a great place for unique sized compact florecent lighting and you can recycle your burnt out ones there too.

*Craigslist is still my favorite to sell off things I don't need anymore or to find stuff I want. I can be a bit of a pain to deal with people who never show up to get the stuff you are selling, however since its free its a great option. And I love free!

* Low flow shower heads. I had a hard time with this one. I like my showers and I like to use a lot of water. However then I moved to Puyallup where they charge you not only for the water coming in they also charge it going OUT. Yeah, I wasn't too excited to go from a $20 water bill to a $100 bill. It was a shock. These shower heads pictured are considered low flow or "Navy shower heads" because you can push a button on the side and it will stop the flow of water while you lather up. yeah, its radical, but I'm going to do it. I'm DETERMINED to save $$ on that stupid water bill.

*Cloth Napkins. We fill our landfills with A LOT of paper products. Why not cut that down by using just cloth napkins for your family to wipe their hands on? I know I need to buy more of these because I do want to stop having to buy paper towels!!! (again sort of a money saving idea!)

*Line Drying your Clothes. I'm sure a lot of you do this anyway to save those clothes who can't be shrunk. I know I do, but I'm going to step it up a notch and line dry nearly all my clothes. Rather then spend so much money on my dryer.

So where did I figure this all out? Well I listened to a sermon about why Christians should be concerned about the earth and then I thought I would read his book. I'm currently in the middle of his book and already I'm realizing there are scriptures related to being green and being aware of "stuff." I had no idea.

Check out this website for some information on Dr. Mathew Slveeth or to read the book check out your local library.
So there you go. thats some of my ideas. I'll post more later, but I wanted you to actually read this one. That is why I'm including pictures in my posts now. It peaks your curiousity! Hope you consider my ideas and don't worry I'm not going to turn into some crazy enviromental tree hugger. Just someone that wants to protect my son's future and save some $$$$$. (which never hurts

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