Wednesday, August 22, 2007


So I gave in this week and returned my GIANT package of disposable pads back to Costco. Tried to brush off the sense of panic and have made the leap into using only washable, reusable pads.
There you go I said.
I wash my goods.
Yep, it sounds gross I know, but it can't be as bad as a babies diaper. I mean, at least this is MY stuff and my bodily functions.

I tried my Lunapads during my last period and I was surprised by them. They were a little more bulky then what I'm used too, however I found I didn't have such a heavy period with them.
They do take some getting used to. I mean I'm not going to lie, that first wash when I had to wash them by hand was a little weird! They can put washed in the washing machine, just have to line dry them.
I'm in the process of getting more. They are not cheap, but I figure the cost in what I would have spent in buying pads over and over is worth the investment. They are cute too. Very soft and lots of different sizes for your flow.
Plus, I'm addicted to using a pantyliner on a daily basis so I'm also including more thin Lunapads for daily pantyliner use.

I know you are thinking, "But I'm a tampon girl!" Well, they have something for that too!
This whole going green thing has really changed my thinking about my personal care products.
I hadn't put a lot of thought into doing much to change that stuff until the past month or so.
We have natural toothpaste now and once I run out of the other stuff I'm going to have to suck it up and deal with it!!!

When you really think about how much packaging goes into a Pad its crazy! I mean first its in a plastic wrapper before you even get to the Pads themselves. Then each pad is individually wrapped in another plastic wrapper & sealed with a tiny piece of tape: more plastic. And each Pad is made pretty much out of Plastic.
Its a lot of garbage!!! I figure its like a tiny diaper so of course its going to clog up our landfills w/ more plastic that can't biodegrade.

Plus, I have heard that switching to more natural Pads/Tampons really helps the Ladies with the issues 'downstairs' Besides, when I really think about it I was just taping a piece of plastic between my legs with some synthetic Cotton in it. yeah, probably not the best idea.
So try it out! Or consider it...
Here are some other options of re-using your pads isn't your thing....and more reusable pad sites:

Seventh Generation Sells a Chlorine Free maxi pad

Glad Rags and Moonpads Sell washable Pads as well as alternatives to the tampon.

And for more information about how to care for your reusable Pads and why you should use them check out Natural Choices.

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