Tuesday, August 28, 2007

More proof of my green

Here is one of the 3 drying racks I have. This is my SUPER drying rack!! Its HUGE. I still want a clothes line, but for now this works and its good to dry inside on a rainy day. Got this at a yard sale for $5 and the proceeds from that yard sale benefited Children's Hospital. Its easy to shop and do good things at the same time!

This is my new baby. My cone compost bin. It actually gets buried underground where you see the black part. Its a compost bin mainly for kitchen scraps, small plants and some grass. Its like a lazy composter too! I don't have to do anything to it except clean it about once a year. You drop the scraps in the top part and the remainder is composted below ground into the soil and helps feed your soil below. Its a unique concept really.
But if you are looking for a composter for your yard waste, still do that above ground so you can benefit from the compost to mix into your garden. Like I said, this is the lazy composter which is totally me.
And where did I find this handy little composter you ask!??
Well, I found it at the ReStore which all proceeds benefit the Habitat for Humanity branch here in Tacoma. AND it was only...drumroll please....$35. Retails online for....over $200. I will point out that my composter is BRAND NEW. The ReSTore got it from Lowes when they discontinued this from the store. How AWESOME is that!??

And here is my compost bin inside to catch my kitchen scraps. I know its sad, but it works! It cost me $0 because its previous life was a Blue Bunny Ice Cream Bucket, but now its my ghetto compost scrap bucket. Right next to the garbage so everyone can remember to dispose of properly. (Please try to ignore my plastic bag I use for my other garbage. When I run out of these I will be using a more environmentally safe garbage bag)
Honestly, I buy Blue Bunny Ice Cream in the bucket because I can reuse the buckets for so many other things around the house. I'm pre-recycling when I buy it.

Here is my thorn in my side--my water heater. I swear this thing is why I spend so much on heating. But now I'm hoping he'll be more happy now that he has his own little jacket to keep him warm and snugly. Jacket cost me about $20 total and I haven't seen my electric bill yet, but when I do I'm hoping that I'll be saving a least a few dollars now that he's all wrapped up.

This is my toilet tank. All of our toilets now have a bottle of water (but I want to fill them w/ sand, just have to get the sand) to help "fill" in the tank a little more so less water is used to fill up the tank. Sort of like back in the day when people used bricks in their tanks? Same idea except this won't eventually corrode like a brick! Try it! Its EASY and free. BE cautious of putting it too close to the flapper though--don't want to break anything in there.

See how easy it is? SO easy and so CHEAP!! yes, going green can cost more, but at the same time if you look hard enough and do a little research you can go green and save money in the long run.
All of this stuff I found easily and I know you can too! Those drying racks are nice to pick up around this time of year since there is a lot of shoppers for kids going off to college. Drying racks are there for those college kids who can' t afford to pay to use the dryer and mom sends them off with a rack to help them out! Genius! I know at Bed Bath and Beyond you can find a wooden one for about $10. They have metal ones too. I"m waiting for them go get on clearance though and then I'll buy them w/ my millions of 20% off coupons I have. (Do you know those coupons NEVER expire even though they have an expiration date? Its true! And you can use up to 6 of the coupons in one transaction. So if you have 6 items, use 6 coupons! I kid you not!!)

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