Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Proof of my green

Here are a few shots of around my house where I have gone green. Here is my water catcher, which I got for free from Craigslist. All we had to buy was a downspout for the gutter so it would drain @ that angle. Yes I did use this other day to rinse out my craft project. I probably wouldn't recommending drinking this as it has come thru my DIRTY gutters, but for watering and rinsing things that you won't be using to drink/eat out of--it works great!

here is my low flow shower head. It is called The Head which is the brand name of it. It took some getting used too but since I have short hair now its not that terrible!

Here is Tucker the Puggle. We are fostering him right now until he is adopted from the Seattle Pug Rescue. Helping keep extra animals out of the streets and shelters helps everyone, but mostly the animal. For more information on adopting Tucker please check out the Seattle Pug Rescue.

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