Monday, August 13, 2007

Vacation on the Green

So I just got back from vacation yesterday and it was a little hard to be on vacation!
Hard in the sense that it was hard to not use a bunch of water, light, not recycle, use the car a lot and so on.
It was just different!
You'd think in Oregon where recycling is HUGE like it is here in WA I wouldn't have a problem recycling around town. Well although they have those big recycling places at the stores where it takes your can/bottle and in turn gives you money IF it has a credit available to you. If no credit available, people just throw away the bottle/can. Sort of sad.
Our vacation home had NO recycling bin or anything and it wasn't cool. I thought the city would at least provide it. Maybe they do & its just too hard for the upkeep or something....
I ended up bagging my recycling into a separate bag in hopes that the cleaning people would take it for themselves. I mean hey, free money right?

SO after all that, I came to the conclusion that when we get a vacation home ourselves that it'll be a "Green" house. That way at least one house in the neighborhood can help. Who knows maybe we'll inspire others to do the same.

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