Monday, September 24, 2007

"When you think of me..."

So I've started a weird trend amongst some friends around here!
I have inspired no one to follow my green path as of yet, but I have at least got my friends "thinking" about what they are doing.
Mostly they think, "Oh Lord! What would Marcie think if she knew I was doing this right now?!!?"
Its dramatic yes, but at least they are thinking right?!

So the first time a friend "thought of me" and her non-eco issue was when her daughter started puking in the car on their way to get something. So they pulled over to "clean up" as best possible by using baby wipes. Yes, I'm positive they were the evil wipes, but thats not the best part.
They start cleaning up the puke and chucking the wipes, puke and all outside onto the side of the freeway.
And my friend said, "All I could think of was: What would Marcie think of this mess??"
I told her I was touched that she thought of me, even though yeah probably wasn't the best idea to leave a pile of puke covered wipes.
She justified her actions by pointing out that there was insulation all over the road.
Truly adding to the pile made it ok right?! LOL!

Oh goodness...I don't fault her. I mean if anyone throws up in our car you know we'll use whatever to clean it up.
Hey, at least she started thinking about my green.
And as long as it sticks.

My other friend sent me a great myspace message the other day about how every time she looks at a CFL lightbulb she thinks of me.
Touched! Seriously I was!

So think of me when you want to go green or be green. I only wish I represented someone that reminded you of living a Godly Life. So that is my new goal--to Live a more out loud Godly Life with a bit of green sprinkled here and there!


littlehappyone said...

So, I am not ready to be green... BUT, I do use those lightbulbs. I also use "evil" babywipes, but I haven't thrown them out the window so that is good, right? I also have found myself thinking of you while eating a big, greasy Carl's Jr. burger and it's plastic/ paper/ whatever wrapper that I threw in the trashcan....
We are recycling our pop cans at the office though... and I recycle at home... anyway, keep us posted on the green life

Karen K - aka

"The new Worship Pastors" said...

This post had me lauging out loud!!! I think of you too, only I think, "I know Marcie would be proud of me for doing this."

I have to admit, I use the "evil" baby wipes. I tried to use the seventh generation ones. They are just too expensive. I am going to use cloth wipes at home as soon as I get in gear and make a wipe solution. Hmmmm maybe that is homework for today. :)