Thursday, November 15, 2007

Count the Costs

For me, doing this whole "green lifestyle" thingy probably the hardest part is the cost. Its not cheap.
I guess you have to have a 'lotta green to go green--LOL!
Yeah, but I'm not really laughing.

Sure I might save a few bucks here and there on my electric bill ( still waiting for that to happen btw), but as a whole I'm shelling out more then I'm saving more.

Does it strike anyone as sad that cheaply made products that are harmful for the environment and for the people who probably made them, are cheaper then organic or eco-friendly items??
Its like a horrible irony really.

Take the other day for example. I purchased eco-happy shampoo from the natural food section at my Fred Meyer ( the only store w/ a large organic/natural section) and it cost me $7.99. For me that is A LOT when I spend about $2.50 on shampoo in a Huge bottle. Ok its pretty obvious from the price tag that I buy cheap shampoo. All you hair dressers Stay BACK!

If I was into my hair and got it done all the time at a professional salon and then spent a fortune on my haircare products, maybe the $7.99 wouldn't come as such a shock to me.

But it does and will continue....sigh....

Its not all so bad. I have found that buying things expensive I'm less inclined to use it up and go crazy with it. So that $7.99 shampoo (did I mention that was the cheapest bottle there??) will last me FOREVER.

That is backwards thinking though isn't' it? That if I spend more I'm less likely to use more? If it works it works.

Using natural shampoo has become important to me though. The more I read about what the products really are in my shampoo bottle, the less I even want to shampoo my hair.

JUST KIDDING! Not going to turn into one of those people who allow their hair to form into dreads and I start wearing patchouli.

But seriously if you want more information about what those funny sounding words are on your shampoo bottle and more info on beauty products click here.

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dlyn said...

Hey! I like patchouli! :) Followed a comment you made from another blog because I like your outlook [right-wing, Christian yet green] - I will be back to check it out more!