Thursday, November 22, 2007

Homemade Products

So James and I have been trying really hard to save our money a lot more then usual.
Yesterday James took it upon himself to make a homemade window washer fluid since he was out in his truck.
It wasn't hard and we had everything in the house already.
We used my Talking Dirty with the Queen of Clean book. I have found so many great tips from her book and of course she has a website. (link is above)

Today I cleaned my fake wood floors with tea. (fake wood floors meaning my laminate flooring)
Apparently cleaning with tea on wood is really common. I found it on DIY and various other sites.
It was easy to do, although you have to clean like Cinderella, but I like to think I burned some calories at the same time by scrubbing my floors like her. Cinderella was pretty thin you know.

Sure maybe I only saved about $5 in making homemade washer fluid and cleaning with Tea, but it saved me a trip to the store, saved me $5 and all the products were made from things that won't poison me or my family.
Consider doing it at your house too! You'd be amazed at how clean your house can be cleaning naturally.

**Please note that if you drive a vehicle that is leased, its probably best to stay away from homemade products. Keep in mind that in some cities homemade washer fluid might freeze since anti-freeze isn't included in homemade recipes.**

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"The new Worship Pastors" said...

I am going to have to check out that book!
On another note, would you mind sharing some of your "green" Christmas shopping tips with us? I am really struggling with what to do this year. I am done with the kids and they have some "recycled" toys. (toys that were given to us from other kids) But I am not sure what to do with extended family gifts and I am sure that you have some cost effective and green ideas. :)