Friday, December 28, 2007

Green Christmas Recap

So obviously this year I wasn't as good about letting my family know how important it is for me to avoid certain things when it came to gifts.
However I wasn't as good at the giving part either. Let me tell you though, this green stuff took all the fun out of shopping for me! Which isn't entirely a bad thing because I could use some pointing AWAY from spending any additional money!

But I did reuse and save boxes/bags/tissue when I came to the gift giving. I bought nothing this year and I didn't buy anything last year either when it came to wrapping paper. I have enough as it is, I truly don't need anymore.

I didn't get ANYTHING off my alternative/green gift registry. Somehow the whole gift registry seemed to throw my family this year. While in previous years they encouraged some sort of gift registry. I can't win! Most of the stuff on my green registry were things I could really use like a reuseable dryer sheet or a power strip that knows when you don't normally use things and powers stuff off for you.
Its ok though. I did get a reusable bag for grocery shopping--this one with little sections for bottles or breakables. My mom informed me she also bought more reusable bags for her shopping as well. Thats a plus! Now how I can I get her to stop wrapping my gifts in non-recyclable paper.....hmmmmm I'll shoot for next year on that one!

More later my green friends. Just wanted to let you all know I hadn't forgetten about you!

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Jason said...

Definitely a transition year I'd say. I'm sure it will get better as the years go on.