Saturday, December 8, 2007

"Oh Christmas Tree...."

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So I had been wondering for awhile now if cutting down a tree or just using a fake tree was something I should consider.
I decided to go again with the Real Christmas Tree.
I just like the smell of the real tree and its always how my family has done it so in a way I'm keeping up with ONE family tradition. (we have little to no traditions in my family)

I did seriously consider a fake tree. But I did some research and came across this stuff and it made me change my mind on the fake tree idea. Here are some fake tree stats and Ideas.

  • When Swedish researchers compared a locally grown, live cut tree to a full-size plastic tree, they found that the real tree used about a fifth of the energy (assuming that the plastic tree would be used for ten years).
  • Most artificial trees are made from environmentally toxic PVC.
  • A single acre of Christmas trees produces enough oxygen to support 18 people, while absorbing carbon dioxide. If you do buy an artificial tree, plan to reuse it for many years. If you have an artificial tree you want to replace, donate it to a community center, nonprofit organization or other charity that can continue to use it.

My REAL tree was bought today from a local guy. We wanted to cut one down as it might be as close to organic as possible, but alas the pickings were slim at the U-cut centers. (its hard to find a perfect Nobel tree. They take longer to grow) This is what I get for waiting 1 week into December. People are fierce Christmas Tree shoppers here in the Evergreen state.

I hope you have a Merry Christmas regardless of your real or fake tree! I'll be writing more about Green Christmas stuff soon.... Stay posted!

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