Sunday, January 13, 2008

Spending Fast week 1

So my spending fast started out pretty easy. Having no extra money to spend helps make this a little easier.

However on Saturday I broke my spending fast. I went to the mall (big mistake) and bought a few things (hence the breaking part). Now I'm returning them tomorrow. Yes, I didn't get very far in my spending fast; however my buyers remorse about "do I REALLY need this???" helped me realize, no we really didn't need that.

Its hard because I'm like to stock up on essentials when it comes to things on Sale and anyone who lives frugal knows that is one of the most important things--buy it when its available and on sale or clearance. Alas, buying and then putting on a credit card isn't going to help my frugal way of living.

I have put myself in a pretty tight situation though. I transferred over the balance from one credit card to another because the one credit card had a higher interest rate. So to help offset that higher interest rate it was moved to the one with the lower interest rate. Now I can't charge on the one credit card because I cut it up and the one I did transfer the funds too is nearly at its limit. So no room to wiggle. I did it on purpose though.
For some of you, that might not be a good idea to do that. You might need that wiggle room. In a pinch I could call for another card, I didn't close that credit card. I hope I won't need to do that though.

We don't have excessive credit card debt, but to me even having a credit card over $2000 is WAY to much. Not to mention my line of credit (another credit card, but not a home equity one) is maxed up because of buying those new windows in the house!! Hopefully I'll see that money have been well spent in the future.
So in my mind, we are in debt big time. In the past we had been debt free minus the cars & house and today after buying home #2 and putting work into home #2, that debt free stuff is not just DEBT! UGH.

So to a better week this week. I'm sure we'll be fine on spending nothing because again its a lot of money going out for bills (don't you just love the beginning of the month??) and not a whole lot coming in!

Here's to your spending fast!


Rachel Ann said...

Have you ever thought about being one of those people who freezes their credit card in a block of ice? I've heard about people doing that, but no one I know! LOL...just a thought.

anyways...I'm excited for you, your spending fast and your attempt to get out of debt. I am doing the same I feel your pain (and yes, it is pain!)

alex said...

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Aprille said...

How is the spending fast going? I am researching tips on making this happen. Any for me?