Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Nature Baby Care Diapers

My buddy is Nevada (imagine being green in a desert people!) wanted me to mention these diapers for you all to see.
They are currently only available online or in Europe.
When she doesn't use cloth diapers she'll use these, Nature Baby Care Diapers.
These diapers are breathable and chlorine free with natural based material, Ultra-thin, Consumer pack based on natural renewable material, no oil based platics used, does not contribute to dioxin pollution, 100 % compostable back sheet, No latex and fragrance, or TBT (tributyl tin).

Its tough when you are green to find diapers that are disposable if you just cannot stomach using cloth diapers or you are in a position where cloth isn't an option. Like on a plane for instance! These diapers are compostable and do not include anything like TBT or chlorine that could make your baby break out.

Consider again how harmful disposable diapers our to our Environment or to your baby:
  • Its estimated that 27.4 billion disposable diapers are consumed every year in the U.S.
  • Over 92% of all disposable diapers end up in a landfill
  • About 5 million tons of untreated body excrement, which may carry over 100 intestinal viruses, is brought to landfills via disposables. Which can contaminate our drinking water and attract bugs that could carry viruses.
  • It takes 3.4 billion gallons of oil and over 250,000 trees a year to manufacture disposables
  • The super absorbent chemical, sodium polyacrylate, absorbs and holds fluids in the diaper. This chemical has been linked to toxic shock syndrome, can cause allergic reactions, and is lethal to cats if inhaled. Death has occurred from ingestion of just 5 grams of this chemical.
  • 54% of one-month old babies using disposable diapers had rashes, 16% had severe rashes. A survey of Procter & Gamble’s own studies show that the incidence of diaper rash increases from 7.1 percent to 61 percent with the increased use of throwaway diapers, great for manufacturers of diaper rash medicines.

So why is considering how you diaper your baby important? Well, for one consider having poo-poo in your drinking water. Or mosquitoes or any other bug landing on you after it has feasted on some poo from a dirty diaper.

Not to mention all the virgin trees they use just to MAKE diapers! Remember trees are important because they help clean our air, provide shade and homes for our little animal friends. Obviously trees do more then that, but you get the idea.

So consider what you are buying these days and what goes on your baby's bum!

For more information about Nature Baby Care Diapers click HERE.


Anonymous said...

They are also available in store at some Targets. I ordered mine at diapers.com, but haven't been able to find them anywhere else!

Unknown said...

Hi Marcie,
Thank you for being another blogger who is green in service to God. I had been feeling too alone in the blogosphere.

Bless you! If you'd like to visit I'm at http://alison97215.wordpress.com/?s=Confession%3A+I+Love+Church
warm wishes,
Alison Wiley

Anonymous said...

You can also get Seventh Generation Diapers from Amazon.com at a great price. They deliver them to your door for no charge. If you sign up for repeat orders the price goes down 15%. The diapers cost $12.99 at Whole foods and under $9.00 with the discount from Amazon.com

Anonymous said...

These diapers are great. My wife swears by these, and she told me to plug them wherever possible. We try to be eco-conscious, but it's hard sometimes. We get our diapers at


Hopefully, these'll start to catch on.

Anonymous said...

Diapers.com has them. We now use them with the munchkin as I wanted to go "greener" with disaposables. They are the same price point as 7th gen diapers and use less petrolium based products?

Gena Kirby said...

We actually JUST started to carry them here in FRESNO CA. at our Locally Owned store MOMMY MATTERS. I didn't want to carry disposables unless they were more environmentally friendly than what's currently available. We also carry cloth diapers as well.

Anonymous said...

We actually JUST started to carry them here in FRESNO CA. at our Locally Owned store MOMMY MATTERS. I didn't want to carry disposables unless they were more environmentally friendly than what's currently available. We also carry cloth diapers as well.

Anonymous said...

These dipes look great - thanks for sharing another option. However, I don't see why you can't use cloth on an airplane - we do it all the time. Even when my son ended up getting the stomach flu.

Anonymous said...

great to know. we cloth diaper our son but he still needs disposables sometimes. once we are don e with the package we currently have i will definitely be buying these nature baby care diapers for those instances. the facts you stated are totally outrageous which is why i use cloth diapers to begin with but still even the one package every 2 months of disposables we use is too many!

ajsheree said...

We use cloth diapers for our 4 month old and 2 year old, but did use these for a little vacation this summer. They worked great for our 2 year old and were plenty absorbent, but it turns out that oddly enough, my infant is allergic to something in them and broke out in a terrible rash all over. It was weird! So I put her in Seventh Generation ones for our trip, even though I didn't want to since she has blowouts in those and I ended up putting a cloth diaper cover over the disposable!

nature babycare diapers said...

Whatever reasons you choose, use the cloth diapers…Take time to explore the benefits of cloth.