Thursday, May 1, 2008

100 Small Steps that can Make a BIG Difference...

This is courtesy of SunChips. I found this as an insert in one of my "green" magazines.
  1. Get an Energy Audit
  2. Donate Used Computers
  3. Use Cloth Napkins (we do this!!)
  4. Switch to energy-savings bulbs
  5. Hang dry your clothes (we do this too!)
  6. Make your next outfit vintage
  7. Ride the Bus
  8. Pay your bills online
  9. Say no to Plastic Bags
  10. Plant some Bamboo
  11. Unplug appliances when off (especially your toaster)
  12. Taste test a local wine
  13. Say Bye to your leaf blower
  14. Rediscover your library
  15. Switch off your computer
  16. Plant a Garden
  17. Buy rechargeable batteries
  18. Start a compost heap
  19. Put back unused napkins
  20. Bring you own coffee cup
  21. Learn to love weeds
  22. Read about green weddings
  23. Carpool
  24. Keep car tires inflated
  25. Support Local Farmers
  26. Use both sides of paper
  27. Turn Heating down 1 degree
  28. Return old Cell phones
  29. Drive smart-Plan your trip
  30. Wrap water heater in blanket
  31. Install low-flow showerheads
  32. Wash clothes in Cold or Warm
  33. Lights off when you exit a room
  34. Use a lunch box, no paper lunch sacks
  35. Give cloth diapers a chance
  36. Pick up litter and recycle it
  37. Take shorter showers
  38. Choose Green-E products
  39. Buy the largest size practical
  40. Tune up your cars engine
  41. Donate used books
  42. Seal drafts around windows
  43. Leave your car at home for a day
  44. Don't idle car more then 10 seconds
  45. Think before you print
  46. Look for EnergyStar Appliances
  47. Unload your car of excess weight
  48. Don't buy veggies in trays
  49. Choose an energy-efficent vehicle
  50. Fix leaking faucets
  51. Wipe spills w/ reusable towels
  52. Install low-flow toilets
  53. Make your own Cleaning Solutions
  54. Hold your own "buy nothing" day
  55. Reuse Jars & Containers
  56. Clean windows w/ old newspapers
  57. Build w/ Salvaged wood
  58. Share magazines
  59. Wrap presents in old calendar pages
  60. Make Rags from old t-shirts
  61. Send e-cards
  62. Buy spices in bulk
  63. Capture rain water for gardens
  64. Return unused sugar packets
  65. Drive the speed limit
  66. Make note pads from used paper
  67. Don't accept plastic utensils
  68. Take a break from TV
  69. Give a donation instead of a present
  70. Buy a bike-Use it.
  71. Buy organic cotton
  72. When buying clothes, say no to tissue wrap
  73. Start a green team @ work
  74. Don't boil more then a teacups worth
  75. Read about carbon credits
  76. Appoint an "office lights" monitor
  77. Use your legs, not the elevator
  78. Stop chasing "the latest"
  79. Invigorate your green passion, spend time w/ nature
  80. Start a toy-swap w/ friends
  81. Ease up on meat products
  82. Buy items for durability
  83. Buy seasonal produce
  84. Take bubble wrap back to packaging stores
  85. Upgrade your furnance
  86. Snip six-pack rings
  87. Use low-phosphate detergent
  88. Avoid chemical flea collars
  89. Choose sustainable flooring
  90. Offer art schools your "trash"
  91. use a bucket not a hose
  92. Learn to mend your socks
  93. Eliminate impulse buying
  94. Take extra hangers to dry cleaners
  95. Teach kids thriftiness
  96. Don't sign up for mailing lists
  97. Slow down- consume less
  98. Fertilize w/ Grass clippings
  99. Consider using a solar cooker
  100. Eat simply, choose whole grains (I think thats the SunChips plug!! LOL! )

Hope those help! I know many of them I have heard of and some I wouldn't be able to do; however its good to be reminded of the simple steps as well.


The Young Family said...

Some great tips in there -

As I told you I have been using my reusable bags at the grocery store, well I forgot them the other day - wow I was pretty suprised at how many plastic bags I was given when I normally wouldn't have had any! I know I should have used paper - but alas I was frustrated with forgetting the bags! My new "ah ha" moment is the plastic bags for the veggies.... I will have to look for some of those reusable ones now... This so far is my big focus - trying not to get plastic bags! When I go to Target, or Walmart, or where ever I try to bring my reusable bags there too....

Working on it!

My newest think is not using paper towels... I still have them but trying to make the roll last forever!


Anonymous said...

I've spent nearly an hour trying to find Sun Chips 100 Small steps that can make a difference in it's original form so I could copy it for our church "Greening Program". and that's how I found your sight. Good sight lots of useful stuff I could use in my church program to help people cherish the earth the Lord has given us. Good for you and thank-you,

Mrs. Green from Florence Oregon