Tuesday, June 10, 2008

My Garden

My little Garden!!
So I've been meaning to show you these pics for awhile now! here is my little raised garden. Its only about 5x12 in size and not very tall, but it does its deed for now. We had to have a raised bed because our sweet little puggies would pee and poo in a bed on the ground. (BTW-this bed is lined so no pee-pee from our boy dogs won't leak into the garden. Although if you've read Crunchy's Blog lately pee-pee might not be so bad for your garden!)

My husband is very proud of his accomplishment (obviously I didn't' make this!) and he said, "You HAVE to tell them that this is all Organically grown and purchased as organic veggie starts!" Here is our red lettuce and red/green lettuce. You can see my little tomato plants I just got in the background. Need to get a trellis for them soon. OH and hubby says to not forget to tell you that the dirt is nearly all compost. (not ours, we bought the compost. My compost pile isn't old enough and needs to be turned-STAT!)

Here is my Romaine Lettuce and I got some strawberries in the far corner. That was re-planted and they are doing really well even though we had to rip them out of the ground! Hubby wanted to try planting honeydew melon which is in the far corner, but I dunno if those are going to grow much around here. Its pretty cold and I just have this suspicion it won't grow. We also have 3 hot pepper plants planted in there too!

My Herb Garden!!!

Ok these ones I didn't want to get a close up of yet because they are pretty pathetic looking really. :( But I'm hoping for the best with them! The chives seem to be doing good and the parsley is pretty hardy too! So far I have 3 kinds of oregano (I never knew there were many different kinds!) rosemary, basil, cilantro and dill. My fingers are crossed. This is my little tiny raised beds we keep up high on the deck so the dogs can't get to them. Hubby got the wood salvaged from his work that was going to be thrown out. Extra recycling points!!!

So now you've met my tiny garden. We're trying and I ate the results of some of my lettuce the other day and was pleasantly surprised I wasn't grossed out. Although it did take some cleaning. I didn't realize I was one of those people who doesn't want to know where her food comes from! That was until I heard a story about a guy who visited a lettuce farm and all the workers wore masks when harvesting the lettuce and he wasn't comfortable with that. I was SHOCKED at how quick that lettuce grew! I mean, it just TOOK off. We only lost one little guy. And when you figure I spend over a dollar sometimes for a head of lettuce this was an investment! Hubby is ALL about using his herbs on the food. He's just ALL over that one. And in reality this is a great teaching tool for my son too. He can see how food grows and you don't have to buy Everything from the store. We are very lucky we have a yard to do this in. But I can assure you that you CAN have at least an herb basket or garden on your deck or in what little backyard you might have. And herbs can also help keep certain pests away!

More later! I hope to show you more when things really start growing!

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Rachel Ann said...

Well good for you and James! I like your little garden...is he going for bigger next year?

So, my memories of gardens as a child are of me sitting on one of those silver boxes from Smith Brothers Dairy weeding our HUGE, HUGE garden...I'm talking HUGE!! I was not a happy camper.

Anonymous said...

Good job! Looks awesome, it's inspiring. Keep up the good work.

The Young Family said...

Your garden looks great! I just love cooking with herbs, it adds such flavor!


Jennefer said...

Great job on your garden! When I get more space I will probably do the container garden thing. Right now pots are working O.K.

Thanks for the review of the Jesus movie. It is in my Netflix que (sp?).

Anyway I can't watch it instantly because that is only for people who live in the U.S., but I will get it eventually (mail is so sluggish here!)