Saturday, August 2, 2008

Eggshells are NOT waste!!

Did you know that one little eggshell has SO many uses??

I bet you figured it just made good scrap for your compost bin, but wait! You can do much more before crushing it up as mulch.

Here are a few uses for egg shells I bet you never knew about!

One of the things I recently read about in an Amish Cookbook was that you can soak egg shells in water for 24 hrs and then use the water to help your plants grow. I don't know if this is true or not but I'm trying it and have watered my plants with my egg shell water 2x now so I'm hopeful. Those Amish know their plants so I wouldn't doubt them!! (I am unsure if this is safe for your garden you grow your food in though. I don't see why not, but I think its mostly for your house plants and flowers)

You can throw egg shells into a coffee grinder, grind them up fine and sprinkle them on your dogs food for extra calcium. This I will say is easier to do when the shells have something to stick to in the dogs food! Otherwise its a powdery mess!!

They are also good used in your garden. Crush them up and sprinkle amongst your garden items and its supposed to keep cats away from doing their business.

You can put cracked egg shells inside your lidded coffee cup or thermos to clean it. Add water, and shake your cup well. The egg shell pieces will help to remove residue without breaking the plastic or glass liner of your mug or cup. Be sure to rinse and wash your mug or cup thoroughly before using. This could also work for when you get that funky stain on vases after flowers have been in them. Although it would be more difficult to shake it!!

Egg shells make good food for pet snails. They need calcium in their diet to maintain their shells.

And of course there is the usual things like using egg shells to use as little planters for seedlings or for anything else you want to grow in them. Herbs anyone!?

We don't ever just throw our egg shells away with out using them at least one more time. Its incredible how God hid such awesome benefits in such a small item! Try them and let me know how these work for you!

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The things I learn from your blog!
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