Sunday, January 25, 2009

Showcase Report

Yep, that pretty much sums up how I feel....

Ok so this weekend was the "group showcase" our church will put on to show the church what groups are available and give you the opportunity to ask about it.

It was a busy church weekend, but not a busy stopping point at our little corner in the lobby. Sadly, we only had 2 people sign up at the showcase, but there could be others that will join now that they have the group list in hand.
To say the least, I feel like I failed. For one thing, people would just sort of smile as they passed by and those that did ask us what our group was about just nodded and said, "Oh thats nice" and then would move on.

I felt like I was coming out of the closet or something and exposing myself to all these people and it wasn't exactly received like I had hoped. I really had high hopes but after the 2nd service I was tired of being passed over and having the line sort of linger in front of us as the Growing Kids God's Way was right next to us.

It was crushing to say the least.....

BUT in all that and thru all that I have come to decide that I'm going to push the envelope even further in my green living. I'm going to do more and put myself out there more. Its like I was telling Hubby, if I could I would do this full time, but how do I choose between a job and a passion? And for that matter should I even need to choose between my job and passion?? Can I do both?

Well, I'm going to try.

I'm still going to go forward with my 2 sign ups so far (possibly 3 if the 10 yr old conviences her mom to bring her--I'm serious. She'll be reading a different book though) but I'm also going to go further and post this study all over town!
To say I'm determinded to make this work is an understatement.

Although the other part of me is wondering if I should even bother and maybe its not God's will that I keep pushing this. Maybe hardly anyone signing up is my "sign" that He isn't so into this group....but then the other part of me says, "Why would HE say that?!" Good question.
I'm going to keep going until God says stop. I know he wouldn't want me to stop telling people what HIS Word says about keeping HIS earth clean and protecting everything in it! That would sort of go against what his Word says!
So I'll keep going, but it made me sad that it wasn't just my group not getting a lot of response...well at least I think that was the case anyway! It made me sad that more people didn't want to get involved outside of church. Of course I've robbed myself of that same thing by not going to things outside of church too! So I should be ONE to talk!
Regardless of that stuff, I felt incredibly sad and I truly came to respect how difficult this must be for Dr. Sleeth in trying to get the word out there. Dr. Sleeth I can see how hard this is to spread the gospel ....the green gospel....I fully respect your minstry in a whole new way now.
Probably the funniest thing people said to us was to ask if we had written the books ourselves. I'm flattered you'd think that. Hubby was like, "she writes a blog" and I'm like, well thats not exactly the same thing! LOL! I didnt' steal your thunder Dr. Sleeth promise!

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