Thursday, March 5, 2009

Dryer Usage

Last month I tracked how often I used my washer and dryer so I could see how much I was truly using both.

I'm sure I left out a few loads here and there, but here's the count from Febuary:

Wash: 43 loads

Dry: 26 loads

Not perfect thats for sure, but I didn't use the dryer 16 times when I DID do a load. The hardest time I have right now is because its been so cold here in WA that when I do hang dry a load it can take up to 2 days to fully dry. Humidity isn't the greatest out here if you are from here.
And because I have dogs I do like their hair to get off somethings like their bedding so I'll admit the dryer does a good job of getting the hair off.
I do have an Energy Star washer & dryer, the washer is an HE one too, but obviously it still sucks a lot of electricity. In the spring & summer months I do hang dry my loads outside and they dry A LOT faster then inside, but for now I have to stick to my racks inside.
I will repeat this tracking usage to see how often I use the dryer in the dryer, hotter months. My goal is to not use the dryer more then a handfull of times in the summer. Totally doable.

What I have realized is that we do a lot of laundry and I'd like to cut it back. We do wear our clothes more then once so I'm still trying to pin point what is making the usage so high. I suspect that last month we may have had to wash some heavy linens and do a lot of dog laundry. One of my dogs kind of pukes a lot so you know.
I'll keep you all posted!

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Rachel Ann said...

I totally wear pants more than once...sometimes up to 3 times (always at least twice)...I also wear some of my dress socks more than once (is that too gross!???) LOL!!!