Sunday, August 30, 2009

Homemade Green House

Here is our homemade greenhouse. Everything on it was either free, recycled or salvaged from being tossed. The only thing we had to buy on it was the little orange things that you use with your screw so the tarp doesn't rip off as easily. I'm sure that's the technical way of saying it to! :)

The structure was from an old car port that some use for a car, a boat, a carport--whatever. Basically it has a tarp that is fitted on it. This was just the metal frame and I made a comment one day to hubby that those things would make a good greenhouse because its like a little house. Well, when I tell things to hubby he immediately latches onto ideas and sets out to do it. So last year we found that metal frame, cut it down so it wasn't so tall and made it a little shorter too. Then we tried to cover it in very thick plastic, but a good wind storm was all it took for it to be ripped apart. Then it sat without anything covering it in the yard for almost a year. Until hubby located at his job site very thick plastic that is like a more plastic version of a tarp, with the the lines running thru it so give it more of a structure and makes it more durable.
It was going to be thrown out, but hubby made sure that didn't happen.
Now hubby has no work so he decided to go ahead and make it. And here is a little pictorial of the whole event.

Structure with the plastic sheeting after we did the roof.

STRETCH IT out tight so no wind can get underneath the roof.

Front View
Inside with some small plots for now.
Complete with a little potting station and window to vent out the back.
It gets really hot in there so I'm thinking we might be able to grow not only starts for next spring, but also for possible food in the winter. While it wont' be heated it gets pretty hot in there now so we know its possible. Books area already on hold at the library to learn more about Greenhouse gardening. We are very lucky to have such a large backyard to support something like this. Even if you don't have a large lot, you could still have a tiny little greenhouse on your deck if you were so inclined to make it happen. Imagine what you might be able to grow. More later about that once I get things to grow!

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Brianna said...

So cool! Can't wait to see what you grow in there year round!