Wednesday, August 5, 2009

No Cable - Almost 1 yr Anniversary

It will officially be one year without any cable as of 8/27. Amazing. We made it a whole year without cable. The only time we saw cable was when we went on vacation and even then we hardly watched it. Funny this is when we did watch cable on vacation, we watched movies or Animal Planet.
Sure there are times when I just want to fall down and cry because I just miss the crap out of Project Runway, but those feelings got less as time when on.
We as a family have gained so much in having no cable. It amazes me sometimes how creative Noah is now that he isn't' distracted by TV anymore. There are sometimes he gets too wrapped up in watching some shows on our Roku player, but because he has no commercials to distract him he doesn't sit for hours on end before the throne of the TV.
Now I can see that some people might say having no cable, but having a Roku player is no different then having cable. I can see a relation to it, but honestly there are only so many movies I want to see that Netflix offers and the TV shows available for Roku are not the most current ones that's for sure. What I do love about the Roku player is I have to think about what I'm going to watch and for awhile my husband and I made a point to watch Quantum Leap (all 6 seasons) as a couple together. We loved it and now that we saw all 6 seasons I'm almost a little sad about it. Now we are watching The Office, but it took me about a season to truly get into it.
ANYWAY, I have a point I swear, in the past I would have came home, turned on the TV just to have background noise on. I wouldn't really watch anything and now I feel relaxed when I come home without having the TV on. Its pretty rare for me to come home these days and see my son parked in front of the TV. Now he's usually upstairs playing with Lego's or something along those lines.
One of the best things has been when we got rid of cable, suddenly Noah didn't play video games as much anymore. I don't know why, but it just didn't draw him to it I suppose. Sure in the winter he played them more, but since its been warm he's outside a lot or just playing with his toys. Its about time he plays with those toys!! ;)
I challenge you to consider giving up your TV or at the very least your cable. Its not so hard and I save over $80 a month not having cable. I promise you that bundle package you have for phone, cable, Internet and whatever else probably isn't worth it anyway.
Your sanity and peace of mind is so much more rewarding then having cable. Besides, you always have the Internet to watch some TV as well.

Its a thought!

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