Thursday, September 3, 2009

No Buy Challenge

Ok so here we are 3 days into the challenge and I while I admit to buying stuff I can honestly say it was needed items.
We have decided that we'll also being saving receipts from all our purchases including "necessary" items so we can take an honest look at what we are buying.
So far I can name where I have shopped and what I bought which is good because I honestly can't say if I could always do that.

The one thing we are struggling with is if giving to others counts as necessary or spending?
We discovered that World Vision will be at the Fair in about a week and the last time they were there I bought 2 chickens. I'm really into supporting others with things like benefit them for a long time like a chicken! Having chickens myself I can see how special it would be to others. I think we decided that helping others DOES count towards necessary purchases. Its not for us anyway.

We have also found ourselves to be especially creative in just the past 2 weeks. Before September started we were slowing down the buying and really hunting for free stuff. Our favorite find is a free coupon for a drink at Taco Bell. Now it does have a cup that can't be recycled and a straw thats plastic...thats the only downfall with this free stuff! There is a lot of waste!!

But again just learning things like how the "free" stuff doesn't exactly benefit the world around me has given me room for pause. ITs a good thing.

I'll be posting my receipts soon and I'll try to do it weekly so you can see if I'm truly being honest about what I'm spending my money on. So far it hasn't been hard at all, but just wait --- the Fair is next Friday and a weakness.

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