Friday, October 30, 2009

Homeopathic Meds for Kids

I score an entire box of Homeopathic Medicines for FREE from the Boiron Co. How Cool is THAT?? ( I had a picture of my gift box, but I can't find it!!)

I thought when I signed up for them it would only be sample sized packs, but I got 3 full size products from their Winter line! While I'd love to say I'm excited to use them that would be wishing my son sick!

However, if and when my son does get sick you can bet your buttons I'll be using this stuff!

We received Chestal Honey Cough Syrup, Coldcalm Pellets and Oscillococcinum. All products are Homeopathic and for kids! All of these are also available in products for adults as well.

I'm pretty sold on a lot of Homeopathic options and while I understand and do believe there is room for conventional medicines, I think as a society we rush to medication to meet and relieve our pains too quickly. Often times we don't even know what is in our medicines and not only do we ingest them we also give them to our children. After all who hasn't heard of some scary recall on medication for children?! that's madness.

I recommend trying some Homeopathic options when you get your next cold and especially since Flu season and the Swine Flu seems to be all everyone can talk about these days! I'm so sick of hearing about Swine Flu that I want to puke.

I'll let you know how it goes if we do try these items out on Noah in the future. And Thanks to the Boiron Co for blessing us with such an awesome gift!!
PS. You can score a $1 coupon for any of the items I listed above HERE.

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