Sunday, November 22, 2009

Thanksgiving Meals

I know many of you saw that I collected items to provide meals for local families in our area.
I don't want to seem like I'm "flaunting" what we did here and I won't get into TOO much detail about it all so some stuff can remain private, but I DO want to flaunt those who helped and how many people we all helped feed.

Here's a quick recap: We gave to a total of 8 families.

Here are the stats:

Family #1 - 1 adult & 3 kids -6, 7, 8

Family #2 - 2 adults & 2 kids - 11, 9

Family #3 - 2 adults & 3 kids - 12, 9, 4

Family #4 - 2 adults & 3 kids - 4, 6, 2

Family #5 - 2 adults & 2 kids

Family # 6 - 3 adults & 4 kids, 11 & 3 teenage boys (one son was a vegetarian)

Family # 7 - 2 adults & 3 kids Family #8 - 2 adults & 4 kids, 11, 11, 6, 1 & a baby on the way

Total: 40 PEOPLE!!!

All the families ranged from needs like just not making ends meet to as bad as was laid off and then had a heart attack. I think possily one family wasn't as honest as they could have been about their situation -- I think she was "double dipping" from us and a Food bank, but in the end we still followed thru. Mostly because Hubby said we'd give her the meal even though I wasn't ok with it.

While I wasn't present at giving all the meals I know they were over the moon excited abnd blown away about how MUCH we gave them. I think they were expecting just a turkey.

Here is what one of the families said:
Marcie & James & all, I dont know where to begin. This blessing is overwhelming to us and was/is so very needed. Thank you for helping our children believe in miracles. Thank you for shining hope into our lives. We appreciate this so much.

Here is what was donated that I didn't have to provide a CENT for! When I said I was going to do this, God just BLEW our minds with how many people lined up to help. james and I didn't have to provide hardly anything in the end.

Even complete strangers offered to help.

Here's the stats on what was given and put into their meals:

*Reusable bags to put the items in! HECK YA!!

*Rolls including 6 bags donated from the Pioneer bakery in Town Puyallup

*Turkey''s including a To-furkey for a veggie Teen!

*Roasting pans


*Pumpkin Puree for pies

*Whipped Cream

*Pie Crusts

*Evaporated Milk

*loads of stuffing

*Cranberry Sauce

*Canned Veggies

*chicken noodle & tomato soups

*black beans

*Canned Sweet Potatoes


*Sparkling Juice

*Spices for Pies

*hot chocolate


*Cash that was used to buy additional turkey's

And I'm sure I'm leaving stuff out because THAT was how much was donated!!

So wow. Thanks for all my FB friends who helped me do this!! Without you guys I couldn't have done this and I mean it. Here's to next year where we'll blow these stats OUT of the water. This has been our biggest year yet and sadly it has been the year where more people were in need. God Bless you ALL this Thanksgiving! Who knows what we could do for Christmas....hmmm......

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Rachel Ann said...

Way to go Marcie! You are a total inspiration to ya!