Thursday, January 7, 2010

No Impact Man Review

So I watched the No Impact Man Life-umentary tonight. (I made up that word can you tell??)
It wasn't great, but it wasn't bad either. It was one of those documentaries that made you think about life and if you are making a difference and how far would you be willing to go.
He honestly didn't do anything we haven't seen numerous other Greenies do throughout the blogging community, his was just more recognized by the Media. And living in NYC made it a lot harder for him in some areas of his life then some of us who have the luxury of having property to grow food on or not having to go up flights of stairs!

I like Collin B. to be honest. I think he's real, honest and comes across as just another guy. He is a little too left for my taste in that he's an admitted liberal, but doesn't come across in this movie on a crazy left wing liberal -- he is just him.

His wife is who makes the movie. She wasn't too keen on this idea and as a self professed shopaholic she was not completely sold on some of the phases they did. I think the no fridge thing about made her flip out, but having no fridge taught her how to cook and be more creative in that area.

Here is the link to the trailer:

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