Saturday, May 8, 2010

Green Birthday

I had a very green birthday this time around.
I just turned 32 yrs old the other day and it was surprisingly

And not in the way you would think I'm sure.
I didn't have a green cake or get green gifts -- in fact, I had none of that.
I went away for the weekend and just enjoyed the beach and did nothing. I bought one thing to treat myself, but it was made by a local artist using natural materials (it was a driftwood cross with some shells and glass).

I didn't get a bunch of gifts or had a party, nothing like that. You could say that because I was going out of town in a car is wasn't THAT green of a birthday, but for me this was pretty green. I hardly drove at all when i did reach my destination. Rather opting to walk everywhere including to get my groceries. I stayed in quite a bit enjoying having a room to myself and walking all over town.

All in all it was a green birthday.

Happy Green Birthday to you if yours is coming up!

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