Saturday, May 7, 2011

Neti Pot

last month I was sick and I had to be leaving for a trip on a plane in about week from the time I got sick.

So as a last ditch effort I decided to invest in a Neti Pot.

This one pictured is the one I got and its from the Himalayan Institute. I bought it at Super Supplements mainly because i had a coupon and I was already there buying homeopathic remedies for my cold/flu I was battling. A friend recommended it but I'll admit I was skeptical at first.

I did some research online to see if there was anything negative surrounding it and surprisingly I didn't find anything that made me doubt its effectiveness. Of course most people saw how popular a Neti Pot can become after being on the Oprah Show with Dr. Oz. I never saw the episode but man there were A LOT of pictures of that girl using it on National TV.

So I can't say it healed my illness but it did help especially at night. I suffer from allergies to begin with and I could actually stop taking my Zyrtec for a couple of days rather then taking it daily. now I'm down to taking it maybe every 2-3 days. I don't use my Neti Pot daily, rather I use it when I know the pollen count is very high or I was doing a lot of cleaning for example.

How it works is after you have mixed warm water and a tiny bit of salt formulated for the neti pot you press the spout up to one nostril and tilt it up a little and out the yuck comes. Sometimes it does make me feel a little like I'm going to drown or something and I can feel the water going down my throat but if I adjust my head a little and tilt more or less it'll adjust. Its actually very easy to use and cheaper then my Zyrtec.

Give it a try on your next sinus infection or if you have chronic allergies like myself.

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Anonymous said...

There is also a squeeze bottle "neti" pot system - Fred Meyer has it - for those who are squeamish about the pouring or have neck or back problems that prevent the leaning - this works equally as well and sure helps with the pollen I am finding on my car every morning. Good advice!