Saturday, May 7, 2011

Repurposed Projects

Hubby and I like to make things new out of old especially on furniture. They are nothing new idea wise - just recycled ideas. But I'm very proud of them. Here is a collection of them and to see more check us out on our Facebook Page: Repurposed in Puyallup.

Bench made from an old Frame that had rotted out wood. We replaced the wood with wood from Pallets.
Queen Headboard made from Kitchen Cabinet Doors!

Pee-Pee Hut aka: Litter box furniture. It was just an old hutch that we made into a place to hide your cat's litter box. You can't see it but on the side is a little cut out for the cat to walk thru. This unit is SOLD - bought by a gal on FB.

Dog or Cat bed -- made from an old TV unit with the guts removed. They enter thru the back side and while you can't see it the front does have a screen. Now your pet is "on" TV!

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