Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Tips from my Green Buddy JEN!

My friend Jen has been a much better "green person" then I have for YEARS now! Here are some of her tips to add to going green..

  • Vinyl shower curtains/liners, terrible for landfills, when you can purchase a hemp shower curtain (I think they're around $60). I don't know if I've ever seen cotton ones, I've seen a lot of hemp ones. Hemp is naturally anti-mildew.
  • I know vinegar is a natural fabric softener. Seventh Generation has a liquid fabric softener. I like to use fabric softener from the brand Ecover, it smells really good.
  • One of my favorite cleaners is Bon Ami, it's a powder kind of like Ajax, only it's all natural, has no odor, and is amazing! That you have to go to a place like Marlene's to find it though.
  • Another tip, if you really want to disinfect something, kill the germs, or even whiten, use peroxide.
  • If you make your own cleaners, you can always add essential oils to spice it up a little. Like if you do half water, half vinegar (a good multi-purpose, you can add essential oil like lavender, lemon, or your favorite oil). Tea tree oil is actually a pretty good disinfectant, I add that to my cleaner, plus I actually like the smell. Apparently, there's apple scented vinegar too, which I've never found, but in my book "Clean House, Clean Planet", the author talks about it.

Thanks for your tips Jen!! Keep 'em coming!!!

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