Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Energy Vampires!!

After reading my Serve God, Save the Planet book I now have a great understanding of what further things I can do to help save energy.
I discovered that these little adapters are huge energy vampires!! Have you ever noticed how hot they get? That's because even when not "in use" they are constantly sucking electricity from the outlet and helping you waste more energy and $$$. So I went around my house in search of these energy vampires and did come across 2 so far. They were unplugged quickly and now my house is under the "unplug it" rule.
So what should you do to prevent your wall cube energy vampires from sucking electricity? Plug those vampires into a power strip with an on/off switch and turn off that switch when you’re done using the devices.
Hopefully I'll notice a decrease in my electric bill soon... Only cruddy thing is my DSL has an adapter just like this...darn! Energy Vampires win again!!!

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