Friday, July 27, 2007

What we have done so far...

Besides reading about every piece of literature I can find online about ways to save the earth!!! And various other books as well!!
But here is what we've done so far...

  1. I hang dry most of our clothes. Except for the towels, I just can't get them to feel like stiff board by hanging them. Anyone got any tips? I do use dryer balls in my dryer when I do use the dryer to help hurry up the load. I like those they make the towels dry pretty quick.
  2. I've started a compost pile. Its ugly and doesn't have hardly anything in it, but it was sort of a compost area before we moved in. It was obviously where the grass clippings were dumped so we're going to start adding our kitchen scraps and grass to the pile for our future garden. This means I can cancel my yard waste bin!! Savings on my garbage bill!
  3. I bought Lunapads. Ok, now mind you I have not used them yet, but I've been wanting to dry resuable pads for a long time now. I went online and did a lot of research and these ones came up all the time and I couldn't find anyone saying anything bad about them. I'll let you know what I think about them. check out my link on the side here for Lunapads.
  4. Nearly every light in our house is and incadecent bulb. Those spiral ones. there are only 4 lights in our house that do not have energy saving lights and its the ones in the garage and on the porch in the back. Which we hardly use either, but the minute they burn out they will be replaced accordingly.
  5. Low Flow shower heads in both showers. This is taking some getting used too. It reminds me of a mist shower! If you have heavy, thick hair, this might not be the best option for you. I'll probably keep my hair shorter from now on anyway because it means I'll take shorter showers.
  6. We Recycle everything, but have been for years now. I mean I recycle every last scrap of paper in our house and it drives my family nuts. But we pack that HUGE recycle bin our city has. I love it that we have the big recycle bins in our town. They are perfect!
  7. We have more cloth napkins now. I'm on my last few rolls of papertowels and I intend to stop buying them once they are gone. It'll take some getting used too, but hey its on less thing in the trash.
  8. We are educating ourselves about a garden for the backyard. We have a HUGE yard and honestly it would be less to mow if we had a decent sized garden. But right now we're learning about when to plant, where to plant, what to plant in what season and for now, it's probably going to be a work in progress.
  9. We have a rain barrel. That I got for FREE off Craigslist! The rain barrel will be used to water our future garden and our yard. We do have a sprinkler system, but you don't dare use it because our water bill will SKYROCKET!! For me its a money motivation vs. a save water motivation. I know, purely selfish, but you know whatever works!
  10. We shop with reusable bags. Its a little hard to remember to bring them into the store, but I've done pretty good. I like them too. They are big with a hard bottom, long handles and durable. I'm going to continue to various different sizes so I can have some for each style of shopping! I love it. No plastic bags for us anymore. We use our old plastic bags as garbage sacks. yes, we have a small garbage under the sink, but we have for about 8 years now. Its works for us.
  11. We use natural cleaning supplies. and we don't buy them special from some company either. (again a pocketbook thing!) We clean with vinegar, baking soda, lemons, etc. Totally natural. I like it because if I get it on me--It doesn't stink! And if my dog or kid ingest it; its no big deal.
  12. We wrapped our water heater with a Jacket. Very inexpensive about $20 and it will keep in the heat that escapes from the water heater. I hope to see a decrease in our heating bill soon because honestly nearly half of our heating is from that waterheater. We are looking into a tankless waterheater that is also an instant water heater. I'd love to have that, but its Pricey for us right now, but in the long run it would save us HUGE $$$.

So that is what we've done so far. Its not totally green crazy! See its not hard! Even you can do this stuff!

Keep in mind that the small stuff does make a difference. If every family replaced one bulb with a CFL, it would be like reducing carbon emissions from 800,000 cars. Thats pretty amazing when you think about it...

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