Friday, August 17, 2007

Eco-Friendly Party Tips?

I'm helping plan a friend's baby shower coming up in a few weeks, but I need some eco-friendly party ideas.

I mean, I get the obvious: no paper products, no wrapping paper, etc. But for Decor--anyone got any suggestions??

The baby will be a boy and there isn't really a theme. Baby's mama wants paper lanterns and Chinese take out boxes.
I don't have much $$ to spend so your free ideas are appreciated.


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"The new Worship Pastors" said...

Do you have any sort of decorations left over from another party that would be appropriate? I re used the decor from my b-day for my sister's bridal shower. It turned out really nice and I gave her the decor that she could use for her wedding. So most of the stuff that I bought will get used 3 times. :)I think that is Green even though I had to buy paper products in the first place.
Could you do an eclectic (sp?) tea party type thing where you collect cute china tea cups from a bunch of people that don't match? That would be really cute. As for the laterns and take out boxes, I have no idea. I know that right now at my wal mart they have small (pink) take out cartons on clearance. Don't know how much since I am not in the market for them, but I saw them yesterday while checking out the clerance section. Good luck!