Friday, August 17, 2007

What I am giving up to Go Green

  1. No more paper products, only cloth (except TP)
  2. Hang drying my clothes & using the dryer as little as possible
  3. Staying at home, less driving just to drive
  4. Using cloth bags at the grocery store, no more plastic bags
  5. Use a low flow shower head
  6. Keep bathroom light off in the morning while showering
  7. Live by the rule: Wash once, wear twice (except for socks & undies)
  8. Try to live by the rule: "If its yellow, let it mellow..."
  9. Eating less meat
  10. Buy from the Farmers Market
  11. Use my Lunapads
  12. No more Plastic Water Bottles, use re-usable bottles only
  13. Switched to natural toothpaste
  14. Buying Less STUFF
  15. No more Ziploc bags & what I have left I reuse
  16. Use only CFL light bulbs
  17. Properly inflated my tires
  18. Driving slower (it truly does save gas!!)
  19. Use my own silverware & cloth napkin at work, no more plastic
  20. Recycle at work (I recycle and bring the paper home to recycle in our bin)
  21. Recycle EVERYTHING as much as possible at home
  22. Pre-cycle, when I'm shopping I think about how it can be recycled and how its packaged
  23. Buy less take out so I don't have to throw away more extra packaging
  24. No more magazines. I'll have to go online (gasp!) or use the library
  25. All my bills are electronic
  26. I opt out for No Receipt when I can & recycle the ones I get
  27. We have our Rain Catcher now & it hasn't rained! LOL
  28. Trying to get a compost bin
  29. No more Qtips, body wash/body sprays (sob), Pads, disposable razors
  30. Just keep educating myself and try hard to find eco-friendly options

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