Sunday, September 9, 2007

Lunch Box Woes

So my most recent addition to going green has to be trying to find alternatives for my sons lunch box.
I'm ok with him buying lunch at school, however the newly increased prices on lunch and since he can't eat a bunch of junk food, I'm sunk in coming up with creative lunch options.
Now he uses a lunch box, always has. We save those paper sacks for field trip days only which is maybe 2-3 times a year. This year I refused to buy him a new lunch box since we had 4 sitting in the closet gathering dust. Most of them are from my work, but for some AMAZING reason my son thinks that's cool. Please Lord let him think that forever!!!
We have stopped buying little individually packaged foods and don't use zip loc bags except for those rare field trip days. So truly we are on our way....
I will admit though, that I enjoy the convience of those drink boxes.
I'm ok w/ packing his sandwich in a tupperware container or packing fruit, but its those little juice boxes that are killing me to let go of.
But lets break it down here... MY son prefers the taste of the Capri-Sun juice boxes, which obviously are not recyclable. If you consider how much plastic and stuff it takes to make just ONE of those drinks....I would be shamed by my fellow greenies....sigh....
So now I'm on the hunt for a thermos with a Straw. Remember those ones?
I do. I know I had one over the years. And we're talking a heavy, duty plastic straw, not that little plastic ones my son will chew thru even though he's 9. Its been finding one that's hard!
I remember they didn't leak because of how powerful that straw was. Plus it was insulated enough to provide some cooling. Not that his little juice box is ever chilled.
I've been hitting up the thrift stores, the Goodwill, but alas I'm coming up empty handed.
Now I realize I could use just a reusable bottle, but the whole Nalgene thing was too big and bulky for his lunchbox which is why I'm on the hunt for another one.
Anyone know of a site that might sell these?
(Ok I know they are made out of plastic, but it'll get USED trust me)

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