Thursday, October 25, 2007

Christmas is coming....Only 60 Days LEFT!!!

So Christmas is coming and coming WAY too fast in my opinion. Seems like I just get thru a year and then BAM here it comes again. So last year was my first "I'm not working in a retail store" Christmas and this year I'm looking forward to another Non-retail job. Thank you Jesus!

This year I have committed to being more eco-friendly in my buying. I would love to buy more handmade items, especially if it means I'm supporting a local craftsman. I know that obviously buying handmade isn't always possible, but I thought this picture was SOO cute I couldn't NOT post it. Probably the BEST place to buy (online) handmade items is You can literally buy everything under the sun there. I like to browse it and I can't say I have purchased anything from there yet, but I wouldn't doubt that I will some day. (I have Etsy included in my Green Links on the side here BTW)

Yesterday I gave in and bought Noah a Lego thing at the store. That silly Lego toy had SO much packaging it was ridiculous. I was able to recycle some of it, but all the extra plastic...sigh not so much.
James doesn't believe me that I can prove we can have an eco-friendly Christmas. Honestly, Noah does NOT need any more toys. I'm sure if I wrapped up some of his toys he wouldn't know the difference. Besides, Noah is getting on the older side for wanting to play with toys anyway and Video games are all the rage with him. Which I hate and I refuse to buy anymore game systems. Used video games; probably.

Oh and lets not forget my Thrifty lifestyle that is trying to be included in my Green lifestyle. Sigh...I always take on more then I can chew sometimes! LOL!

I'll keep you posted on how my "green Christmas" will be going this year.
I CAN say that I created an Alternative Gift Registry at New American Dream that I sent to my mom and dad. They are always complaining they don't know what to get me and blah blah blah. So I made them a list w/ links to see what I want and they are ALL green/eco-friendly items. either way I hope it works cause I really do want some of that stuff on my life.

Email me for my list to view it just for kicks.
Please share how you are going to be spending your c-mas this year too!

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