Wednesday, October 24, 2007

TOMS Shoes

Have you ever heard of TOMS before?? Well if you haven't check them out!!! Click here.
For every pair you purchase, TOMS will give a pair to a child in another country. For example, they are leaving for South Africa to drop off their latest shoes. Their goal this time was 50,000 shoes. WOW!

Main thing for me is that when you buy something in a way you get something beyond just a pair of shoes. You can change a life. Shoes are a luxury in 3rd world countries and what a blessing to give them to little children. Last thing they need is to step on something and get an infection they can't fight off because they don't' have proper meds and then die from a simple cut.
Lets face it, most of these kids scavenge thru garbage for their meals and to find things like shoes. Its a sad reality, but if we could protect just one other foot....

Consider the shoes.
I know its on my list to buy and honestly the shoes are pretty cute!
Oh and BTW- they are available at most Macy's Stores if you want to actually try them on. Nothing harder then buying shoes online...

***UPDATE: So I went to Macy's so I could try them on and alas, they do not fit me. They are made a little narrow. So for those of you with dainty, cute, model type feet--these shoes will work for you. However if you have Fred Flinstone feet like me, TOMS shoes for us. I guess I should email them asking when they'll be making a Wider Width shoe...hmmmm***

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