Thursday, October 4, 2007

Tie on a Red Rubber band

So I called my local energy/gas company the other day to ask about rebates for replacing new windows. (Which we will be doing in the next few weeks!!) Anyway, no rebates from them, however I was asking her about tankless water heaters and how we spend nearly half of our electric bill on just heating that stupid water heater.
Although I won't be getting a tankless water heater right now (do to the windows) she had a neat little tip for me.
She suggested that I put a red rubber band on my faucets to remind me, "Do I really need to use hot water for this?"
Which in retrospect, I probably don't need hot water to rinse anything--if I even need to rinse it at all! I'll admit to using hot water a little too much when its not really necessary.
She's right in most cases, I don't need hot water to wash, rinse, whatever.
So there's your little tip!
Tie on a little red rubber band to your faucet that reminds you to STOP using hot water for unnecessary reasons!
After all, most homes spent about a 1/3 on just heating your hot water heater. That's a lot of money just flowing down the drain....

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