Thursday, October 4, 2007

The Tightwad Gazette

In my other blog I had written about Amy Dacyczyn who used to write a little newsletter called the Tightwad Gazette. She no longer runs that anymore and honestly I'm not sure what shes up to these days, but I have all her newsletters now that were complied into 3 books.
The books I originally got from the library, but I decided I liked the books enough to buy them--used of course!!
(BTW, one of my used books I bought was actually signed by Amy herself! Score!)

Anyway The Tightwad Gazette basically promotes thrift as a viable alternative lifestyle. Amy is one of those people who somehow managed to raise 6 kids on $250 a month in groceries, $50 yearly for clothing and various other things that make your head spin wondering how the heck does she do it!!??? (Mind you the last book was published in 1996 so I'm sure those price tags have changed quite a bit)
AND she hardly EVER threw anything away. She reused everything she bought.

Thrift is obviously a great way to be GREEN and save your wallet in the process!
Now I thought I was thrifty until I read all 3 of her books and then realized I hadn't even gotten close to being thrifty.

She's not one of those scary thrifty people that steal sugar packets from restaurants (she doesn't eat out hardly anyway) she's just your normal penny pinching lady.

I encourage you to check out her books from the library. Some of the ideas are dated (I don't know HOW she lived w/out the Internet!!!) and some ideas are not feasible for your area probably (she lived on a huge farm w/ a very large garden), but the basics she has in there are priceless.
I find myself picking up her books from time to time to find gift ideas or recipes. She has everything under the sun. Truly she has saved so much money over the years due to her thrifty lifestyle.

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Rachel Ann said...

Ok, so I am not a fanatic like you (that was said in a loving way), but you do keep bringing up interesting tidbits...this book actually looks like an interesting read...I might need to look and see if Barnes & Noble carries it and read it on one of my reading excursions.