Monday, November 12, 2007

Where is the Humor in this?

So I realized after looking thru my posts on here that this blog (as opposed to my other blog whom shall rename nameless) isn't as fun to read.
In other words, my purposeful blog is a little on the dry side. I write like I'm trying to sell you something! Which nobody likes.
SO I vow today to TRY a lot harder at putting behind this blog more of my humor and whit. Seriously, I'm not THAT dry.

I went to a friends birthday party on Saturday and my good friend Karen asked me how the green living was going. To me, the green living I hardly notice anymore. Its more like adjustments or living carefully. It is a lifestyle though.
There are times when I want to break down and throw in the towel (from Wal*Mart) and just stop living like this.
Take tonight for example. I'm fighting the urge to take a bath. GASP! Now most people would say that isn't a big deal, but our tub is like filling up a small lake. Apparently the people who lived here before were really tall so they sprung for a large tub in the master bath.
Our tub could literally hold 2 adults; however it is not jetted and if you are going to spring for a huge bathtub---do us a favor and make it jetted.
That is not a very green comment. Jetted tub=more energy used. Translation: NOT energy efficient.
So when I looked into the tub to determine if I should give into my urge and just use less water for about a month, I noticed how dirty is was. So I cleaned it. But only the tub part. The walls will have to wait.
Crisis adverted and less water used!

I'm feeling a little cranky about it though. I will probably go sulk in front of the TV with a leftover piece of Halloween candy. (which is more garbage that can't decompose and the TV sucks so much energy because we have an old one.....DANG! even my thought pattern is green!)


KellyJean said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! Your blog has a wealth of information on it! I've read quite a bit and am going to explore your links.

What do you do about the lunch box stuff? Do you just re-use plastic containers? Even if I don't buy the individually packaged stuff... what do I put the stuff in? Ziplock bags are still plastic. This stuff stresses me out.

Jennifer Eveskcige said...

Ahh, don't worry too much. Try not to obsess. You're doing a great job, you're already going above and beyond, even creating a green blog to encourage others to be green. If you're having one of those days where you feel like you need to come home and soak in a hot bath (or very small lake), then do it I say! -just my thought. I'm a big believer that balance is the key.

Rachel Ann said...

I like reading this blog..even if you think it is dry. I've actually participated in a few of your suggestions, but I full on know that I will not research green ideas on my own.