Saturday, November 10, 2007

Cows Unite!

Recently my friend Jennifer tipped me off to Normally I don't' drink milk because I can't tolerate it; however I'm all about making sure my son, hubby and others have access to fresh milk.

Anyway, so this site it all about helping humans understand the importance of organic dairy, decent treatment for cows and the critical role of family farmers. Some examples of how they do this is thru Organic Pastures and the eradication of Synthetic Hormones.

The site is SO cute. You have to check it out with sound on! You can sign up to spread the word about protecting cows and their livelihood. They have their own "Bovine Bill of Rights" and Cow Manifesto. These bovines are set to take on the world. All in the name or Organic Milk.

I personally did buy organic milk for the first time yesterday. I can say the largest difference is Organic milk doesn't have a long sell by date like most milk I might buy. Instead, due to its freshness its won't last up to 3 weeks like most non-organic milk.
If you have a family that goes thru milk like crazy, this shouldn't be an issue, but just keep it in mind if you are thinking all milk is the same.

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