Thursday, December 20, 2007

In the Small things....

So I was shopping with my husband the other night and we were trying to pick some cordial cherries for my mom and the size we wanted was sold out. (imagine that? 5 days before C-mas..)

They had another brand, but it wasn't the one my mom wanted. And then my husband says, "Lets just get the other box. It has less packaging anyway."
Sigh...What a MAN?

Also the other night my son Noah was eating an apple in the car and he finishes it and proclaims, "Now where I'm going to Compost this anyway?"

See it IS the little things that make a big difference. First my husband says we should pick the one that has the least amount of garbage and my son now knows what can be composted and what can't.

Sort of makes your heart swell with Pride you know?

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