Sunday, January 27, 2008

No More Washing Dishes!!!

I've stopped washing a lot of my dishes. (Collective GASP goes up from my readers!)

No seriously though, I really have. I got the idea from Vanessa's blog when a friend didn't wash some of her dishes and I got to thinking, that isn't a bad idea. To read that post click here.

What I'm doing is not washing dishes that just plain don't need to be washed. And when I say wash I mean, you use soap & hot/cold water or the dishwasher.

Let's say you have a piece of toast & you put it on a plate. All that was left on that plate was a few stray crumbs. What a great candidate to NOT wash! On a side note, I would use a cloth napkin and just throw the crumbs in the compost bin vs using a plate. I can use a cloth napkin usually more times throughout the day then a plate.
However, let's say you are defrosting chicken or put raw meat on a plate--probably a good candidate to wash that dish in the dishwasher. Common sense here people I know, but I wanted to state it so that people don't avoid coming to my house for dinner.
I have found that after doing this for about 2 weeks now, I haven't had as many dishes. Often times I'll just rinse something out (if necessary & with cold water only of course) and put it away. Saves me having to empty the dishwasher a lot too. I use the rule of greasy with deciding if it needs a wash thru the dishwasher. Things like salad dressing, butter, peanut butter, any meats, any oils and so on. Those are the items that are banished to the washer. Just can't rinse off butter as we all know!
So when you are doing your dishes this week, consider if it needs to go thru the dishwasher. It probably doesn't. Not only will you save water, you'll also give yourself more time to your day and save on soap. Consider it.

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