Thursday, February 7, 2008

Background Check

So I thought I would give you a little background about myself. I don't exactly have a huge profile written on here & some of you are new to reading my blog so I thought I would give you a little information about Me and what I stand for. Besides being Green.
And I thought I would post a picture of myself. I have never posted a picture of myself or my family on this blog. So this is a rare one people!

(thats me @ the Portland Japanese Gardens in December freezing my butt off)

So about me....

Well, I'm 29 yrs old. I live in Puyallup, WA (hence the title of the blog). Puyallup really is a town and its pronounced Pew-All-Up. We are famous for the Largest Fair on the West Coast in the US.
I have a 9 yr old son and a husband.
I work in the Travel industry ironically enough. I'm not a travel agent, but I work for one. I actually monitor calls and make sure they are doing "quality" work. Hence my title--Quality Control. You know how you earn the recordings say, "This call might be monitored for Quality Control?" Thats me. Yes, there are really people who do that for a living. Many of us all over the world actually.
So sit at a desk and listen to recordings or live calls all day long. Pretty exciting? Yes actually. I do a lot of other stuff too. Like training and such.
I have 3 Pugs and foster a 4th usually. We work with the Seattle Pug Rescue for our Foster and the Tacoma Humane Society. We love animals here at our house.
I'm a conservative. I know GASP! Politics does interest me. Although I cant' agree with everything, I love listening to Michael Medved on KTTH in Seattle.
I don't believe Global Warming is a hoax. I think there IS a lot of mixed messages about it and I hardly expect science to agree with itself. It rarely does.
I don't have dreadlocks, smell like BO or Patchouli. I can't stand the smell of it, sorry. Although I like birkenstocks, I don't actually own a pair. I like Dr Martins Personally.

I love Jesus. I'm a full-on Christian.
I hate religion because its not what I believe in.
I believe in God in 3-persons and his glorious Word he created for us to live by.
I'm not perfect nor do I ever want to be Perfect, but I serve a God who is full of so much Mercy and Grace.
I want to protect all he's created and what he's given me by not taking advantage of his World or any of his creations. This includes people.
I truly believe that Christians should be setting the standard for protecting God's creation and being thankful for what we already HAVE and only seeking out more of what God wants for our lives instead of THINGS.
I believe that Everyone is entitled to having a relationship with God and no one should be without Jesus in their lives.
Its not about Serving the Church; its about Serving Jesus and Serving people.
(coming off my soapbox now)

I decided to do this whole green thing after being shocked by seeing a transfer station one year. We had moved into a new house and the previous owners left a ton of junk in the crawlspace so we were dumping it. Watching car after car dump garbage--some of it useable stuff!---into another truck that would be taking it some landfill somewhere, truly shocked me.
Then a friend turned me onto a Pastor by the name of Rob Bell @ Mars Hill Church in Grand Rapids, MI and I heard him preach about being Green.
I was forever changed after that point.
I had never thought of this whole " green" stuff as being something related to God.
But he helped me see thru God's word that God very much cares about how we are treating his creations and I haven't looked back since.

I've made a lot of changes in my life over the past year and I'm glad. I think my footprint on this earth is getting smaller and smaller everyday, but the impact I'm leaving behind is leaving a mark.
I already have my team @ work helping me recycle and I hope to have my son's school recycling soon as well. Which btw, my son's school just happens to be held in my church's building (not affiliated) so I consider that 2 fold! Blessings on both sides.

So thats a little about me.
Questions are always welcome and I hope to hear from you throughout my blog or just send me a comment and I can always email you. I filter all my comments so I will protect your privacy.