Friday, January 4, 2008

Please God all I want for C-mas Next year...

Ok this is going to be my goal this year is to wean my son off his need for more STUFF.

Seriously my kid already thinks he needs to keep up with the stuff his friends get by trying to out-do what they got!
And honestly, we have not been ones to buy him much. So his need to "keep up with the Jones's" is driving me nuts.

So right now my husband and I are going on a spending fast and not buying anything until we absolutely need too. Like we can't live w/out it sort of thing. This is in reference to extra stuff beyond regular things like gas or bills. Obviously.
But it does include food. Sometimes I caught myself grocery shopping just to grocery shop when we truly did not need food.

This is a forced fast as we are B-R-O-K-E right now due my husband being w/out work a few days last month. But its a good thing. Its going to really break me of some bad habits and really help us pay off some bills (hopefully!!!).

So I was reading thru No Impact Man's blog the other day and stumbled across this post about his daughter and Christmas. All I can say is I'm just praying my son is like this little girl next year. Sure he might not be like her exactly since he is quite a bit older then her, but I hope Noah can see beyond just getting gifts and just enjoying the holiday.

Please read that post by clicking here. It will really make you think....and pray that your kids will follow suit one day as well.

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