Friday, January 4, 2008

De-Clutter your Life!

So my big thing these past couple of days has been to de-clutter my life, my home, my work, my thoughts--everything!!!
Sure, many people go thru that organizing faze at one point in their lives, especially in a new year, but for me its not about finding pretty boxes to box up more STUFF in, its about making life long changes.

Just like changing your thinking about living more green, cleaning up your life is another great way to make an even bigger statement about living green.

Tonight I tackled cleaning out the office closet. We've already cleaned the garage recently so the inside of the house was next. Which I have been avoiding for some time now. But I was growing tired of feeling like all my "stuff" was closing in on me.
UGH. cleaning the office was not fun. It was the ONE room I didn't care to do. I swear the office is like the landing place of things that didn't make it into the garage. AND once the stuff got in here--it had babies or something.

I recently read a book where the main character talked about how she dreamed of living in a small house where there was hardly anything in it and everything was white.
Now don't get me wrong, I love having color in my home. You almost have too having kids or else my walls would show smudge marks everywhere.
But her idea of living so simply has always appealed to me. If I didnt' have so much clutter in my home I think I would feel like the house was cleaner and more tidy. If I didn't have a bunch of knick-knacks or tiny "things" I wouldn't feel like I was so crowded. There would be less to dust at least!

But its true really. If I just had less stuff I wouldn't feel like my STUFF was overwhelming me.
SO I started today.
Started cleaning out all my stuff in my house ( again, cause we do this I swear once a year) and really taking a serious look at if I really NEED what is in my home.
Do I need that ceramic thingy?
Do I really need 15 extra blankets?
Why am I saving this thing again?
Is having 25 plates really necessary?
Ok some of those questions don't relate to me, but I was just trying to get you all thinking about the things in your house.

Since I've turned over the new leaf of not buying something unless I've seriously thought about if I needed it or not. Living up to my Wallet Buddy Values. But I also need to take a serious look at what I already have. Sure I'm not adding to my pile as quickly, but I do need to pare down my stuff.
Give my stuff to someone who really wants it or needs it.

So take a look at your stuff. I'm sure a shelter, a school, a hospital, a church, the Goodwill, Craigslisters, Freecycle or maybe a friend would like your stuff. Having less clutter means less mess to clean up anyway. It works out great for everyone!

*Please note the pictures above is NOT my office. Its just some random picture from this site here. *

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Rachel Ann said...

lol..i was just going to ask you if that was your office...i didn't think it was and then I read the last line!!!

Just remember this friend is trying to get into a new living place and doesn't own a lot of her own stuff!!!!