Saturday, February 9, 2008

Challenge For February-NO TV

I know, GASP!

Many of you are thinking, "What?? Does she mean NO TV? As in Zero TV WAtching?? Must be her Crazy Green thinking..."

But seriously, we are not going to be watching TV for the month of February. It won't be hard. I've already weaned myself off in the last month or so. So for me, piece of cake. As for James & Noah. Probably going to be the hardest for James. Noah is sort of ho hum about it, but he's been pretty unresponsive about this little family challange.

So what do I hope to gain from this challange??

  • I want us to be more engaged with one another
  • I want the house to be cleaner
    I want Noah to read more
  • I want James to find thigns to do besides fall asleep watching TV
  • I want Noah to be more active & use his toys more
    I just want us to have more peace in the house
  • I want us all to sleep more at night!! No more staying up late to watch mindless shows
  • I want us to listen to more radio & enjoy music more
  • I want us all to EXPAND our minds to more interesting/challanging things--what that is, I dunno, but it sounds pretty awesome doesn't it!?
  • Now I know you are all thinking, that I'm crazy. Especially doing this when Noah can't exactly be outside all the time because the weather is poor, but honestly if we can't do it when its cruddy out then I can't expect us to do it when its nice out.

There are a few things we will allow that may seem TV related. Noah CAN play his video games, but no more then 2 hrs a day. That includes if he goes to a friend's house. He can watch movies too, but same rule applies. 2 hours for either videos or movies--not both. Which shouldn't be hard for Noah since all his movies are under 2 hrs.

Same goes for the computer. We are hoping to lower the 2 hr thing as the month goes on and he gets more involved with doing other things that are non-computer/TV/movie/Video game related.



LOST started back up and James is going to struggle with this. But we do have DVR people & lets not forget that you can usually find a copy of some show on the computer. As for me, thankfully I love to read so no issues there. Besides, TV is nothing but commercialism and Noah falls right into that trap whenever he watches TV. And I'm done with that.

Could you do it?

Maybe you can't do it for a whole month, but consider doing it for National Turn off TV Week in April. Think of all the electricity you'll save by not watching the TV--just remember to unplug it to REALLY Save electricity. Especially if you have a HUGE TV or a plasma TV.

TRY IT!!! You might find out you like it!

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