Friday, February 29, 2008

Spending Fast Week 4

SOOoooooo I'm WAY beyond on documenting our Spending Fast!! Sorry folks, I got a bit behind!

Spending has ceased in many ways. I will confess to buying some food at work the other day. I had money from selling some stuff on Craigslist (CL) so I don't know if that counts as spending?
Who am I kidding; its totally spending.

I believe we've made over $175 from selling stuff on CL and at the same time helping rid our house of excessive stuff we don't need nor do we need laying around our house anymore. Its helping me feel lighter already!

But I need to confess...
I bought an iPod Shuffle.
I know I know. I totally failed my spending fast.
I bought it for hubby since his has been broken for some time now and I was hoping to encourage him to listen to more worship music at work. I got it engraved to. It was free. Shipping was free to.
But that was $55 I didn't NEED to spend. It was truly a WANT, not a need.

SO really the money I "made" off selling my stuff just went to pay for the Shuffle. Not exactly what the point of this fast should have been.

We had some rough weeks there as well, but God totally pulled us through....

I think my fast is going to go a little longer then a month or week for that matter. I would like to make it a lifestyle. Not like a freegan lifestyle per say, but with the same goal at least. Spend as little as possible and get rid of as much as possible that I don't need anymore.
Besides, even if I can make a couple bucks off something on CL its better then just giving it away to the Goodwill or something.

I promise to be better people. I really am doing well, but I can't give into the temptation that just because its a good deal it means I HAVE to have it.

what I have to have is a future.


Alison Wiley said...

Hi Marcie,
I love this post. You're so honest about how challenging it is to spend and consume less. And yes, God is so with us. I'm adding you to my blogroll too!
Alison Wiley
Portland, Oregon
Diamond-Cut Life

Rachel Ann said...

I don't necessarily think it is a selfish want if you are buying it for the purpose of encouraging someone in the Lord!

jeneflower said...

I am trying to not buy stuff as well, but if I do it has to have a very big benefit. It can't just be something I want on a whim. I try to keep a running list of what I want, so I can really figure out how much or how little I need the item. By seeing stuff with new eyes- plastic overconsumption, wasteful, energy draining, polluting, exploiting, etc. it helps.