Thursday, February 28, 2008

Goods 4 Girls

Some of you may have noticed the new banner I have on my blog here.
Its exactly what you are thinking, its about sending reuseable pads to girls in other countries who might not normally be able to attend school due to having their period.

You might think that sounds familiar. Thats because Always is running a similar campaign for their disposable pads & tampons to countries like Africa.

But what is the difference? Why should you care if Always sends pads to Africa? Isn't that a good thing?

Well, yes and no. In Africa, girls do need proper menstration supplies so they can go to school and not miss out on school every month. However, keep in mind that in areas in Africa there isnt' exactly landfills for them to throw away their used products. So what do they do? They burn them. Burning a pad or a tampon isnt' exactly recommended as it can release toxins into the air.

So Deanna Duke started a website promoting this information to get donors to make and donate reuseable pads to Africa. This way the girls can not only attend school, but have a pad they can reuse later.
After all, most girls are already using things like rags for their menstral needs so this isn't anything different to them.

Good 4 Girls needs your donations in either money or if you sew they would love any handmade ones as well.

For more information about Goods 4 Girls please click here or click on the banner on the right.

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