Wednesday, March 12, 2008

What is in my cupboards...naturally!

So here are a few of the natural things that are in my cupboards right now...

* Seventh Generation Fabric Softener. Personally, I'm using the Eucalyptus & Lavender one and I love it. You don't have to use a lot either for it to soften up your wash & it works great when you wash in cold water. I purchased mine @ where you CAN buy certain items like this in bulk. I got a six pack in my last shipment and its lasted me awhile plus, I'm a big believer in bulk.
I also use Seventh Generation Dish washing Detergent.

*Ecos liquid laundry soap. This is currently available @ Costco right now!!!! I was SO excited when I saw an Earth Friendly detergent available @ Costco. Again, I'm big on bulk and LOVE Costco. (partially because Costco has some earth friendly ideas-minus ALL their plastic!)
Ecos has many other earth friendly cleaners aside from laundry stuff. Its very similar to Seventh Generation. You don't have to use much of this either and its safe for HE washers. Smells good too! I'm using the Magnolia & Lilly one currently.

*Vinegar. Vinegar is my ALL PURPOSE Cleaner. Its so easy to use and so safe. I don't have to worry if it splashes in my eye that I need to run water over my eye for 30 min or if my son drinks it that I'll have to call poison control. Its safe, its natural and it works. We've been using Vinegar before we ever decided to become green because it was a safe, cheap way to clean. This is how we disinfect our house. There is no bleach or pledge in our house!

*Bon Ami. Bon Ami is like your natural Comet except it won't scratch. My friend Jennifer turned me back onto this, but I can remember cleaning with it when I was younger.
The best part is its cheaper then Comet. I can usually get a can for about 69 cents. There is no scent and it looks a little like chalk.

I like having no scent personally. It makes for easier cleaning and it'll suds up nicely. I highly recommend this to be added to your cupboard.

*Toms of Maine Silly Strawberry Toothpaste for kids. Although I'm a little torn that Tom's sold out to Colgate, it is still making good products and does donate to the Rivers Awareness Project and Dental Health for All. Noah likes it and I wanted him to have a more natural toothpaste.

So that's a few things in my cupboards right now! Send comments if you have any questions!

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Unknown said...

I have almost all of that stuff too!! Funny! I LOVE the ECOS laundry detergent. It has a built in fabric softener too so that saves me money although Kurt still uses extra fabric softener on his clothes. I have a question, have you found a good eco friendly dish washing soap. Not stuff that goes in your diswasher but the other stuff. I can't seem to find one that works as well as say Dawn. Sigh!!! I have been looking and disappointed. I heard that Method has some cool new products too. I will have to go try those out