Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Green Festival HERE I COME!!

Ok so how excited am I??? I just won tickets to the Seattle Green Festival I told you all about a few posts back!!!

I had signed up online through one of our location TV stations, KOMO TV 4 as they are one of the sponsers. I figured oh why not, you never know right?
You had to answer a couple of questions about the festival and well, the tickets showed up in the mail 5 days later!

So I'm READY to do this thing!! You all know I'll be bursting with information once I come back! Its this Saturday and is going to be the highlight of my weekend I think!



jeneflower said...

I am very jealous!

Rachel Ann said...

I may not be green (I do a few green things here and there...ALWAYS with you on my mind), but I am interested in what constitutes a Green Festival! Looking forward to a first-hand report.

The Young Family said...

Very cool, Marcie - I know you will share all your great info! Small steps by everyone add up to big changes, right? I am doing more than I ever did before so count 1 for the environment.

The Young Family said...

I don't know what happened to my first comment on this - so I will re write! I know you will come back with lots of info and share it all!

Although I am not "officially" going green I do try to reuse and reduce to help out the environment. Small changes by everyone can make a big defference.... as if you didn't know that!

Anyway - I will tell you that I started bringing my own grocery bags a while back, I have even gotten all the way into the store and had a full shopping cart, and I have walked back out to the car to get the bags... pretty darn enviro friendly of me, huh? lol

I do love the tips, some things are very simple to change and you don't realize it until you read it on your blog!

So much for my little comment! Em
BTW 9 miles today I ran - still time to sign up for a race.... :)