Saturday, April 12, 2008

Green Festival Pics

So we went to the Green Festival in Seattle thanks to KOMO TV4 whom I won my tickets from. YAY!! Saved me $30 and it was worth it. (Although the $11 for parking irked me a bit, but thats Seattle for you)
Anyway I'll write more about it tomorrow, but pictures are always fun. I didn't take very many and I'll post my favorite one when I write ALL about our experiences there, but here's a few.
The Picture above of course is me. You know walking my dog carrying my bus pass (can you take a dog on the bus) and apparently I'm MUCH tanner in this picture.

This is Noah and the Salmon Man as Noah dubbed him. He represents the salmon throughout Seattle and how we need to protect him. He hangs out with a worm....go figure.

Here is Noah representing our many friends on the road who Love to live it up! Holding his Starbucks, bird poo on the side, full of trash, you know the usual. License plate reads CO2 LVR.

Noah lighting the different light bulbs and how much "energy" or strength it takes to light up a standard bulb vs. a CFL bulb. ( takes more energy for the standard bulb in case you didn't know)

HOLY COW!! THere were even flying cows there! He was hanging from the ceiling next to a paper mache CFL bulb. Interesting combo; still not sure why the cow was there..

Noah playing legos like he wanted to do the WHOLE time. I'm sure once they post the pics from the Green Festival in Seattle you'll see his pic numerous times on them. His picture was taken a bunch of times while he was playing.

AND lastly, the Organic Valley (no the cow was not above the van; although that would have made more sense) truck. Organic Valley might I add had the MOST freebies and goodies they were giving away. We all got cheese sticks, milk, Noah got Strawberry milk, a mouse pad, a thing that moos, buttons, bumper stickers AND coupons. It doesn't get much better then that!
More later everyone! It was a lot of fun & the sunshine was really nice today.


Cagle Clan said...

Fun! Organic valley is actually one of my fave brands! Yummy. I actually just started buying my milk direct from a natural dairy and it comes in glass bottles that I rinse and return.....proud of me?? :)

Marcie said...

MORE THEN PROUD! You ROCK! Way to go Jess!!

Lori said...

So jealous! Well, the beach was fun...I used the sand as a natural exfoliant for my feet so I don't need a pedicure...too much chemicals they use in those dang nail salons! :)

jeneflower said...

What a fun day! I am so happy that these kinds of events are starting to happen. I just read that Washington and Oregon are the greenest states.

I love organic valley too. We only get the butter and milk here, and it is a lot more expensive than the other brands, but the coupons on their web site make it O.K.

ajsheree said...

Thanks for sharing your pictures from the Green Festival. I heard about it after it was already over, otherwise I might have gone. It's fun to read your blog....I grew up in Puyallup but live in Kent now. You can check out my blog if you want. It's mainly of me, my husband, and our seven month old son, Liam. I'm slowly starting to go green and loving it, so reading your blog gives me lots of ideas. Thanks!