Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Green Festival Recap

So this is me & the platic bag monster (although everyone kept calling him Plastic Bag Man) and he wants you to know that the average family of 4 will use over 1500 plastic bags a year. Notice my Green is Sexy t-shirt?? Ok you can't really see it, but thats what is says!
Anyway so the Green Festival was very Green to say the least. They even require all food vendors use compostable foodward: from plates to cups to spoons, even straws, all made from corn and all bags must be compostable as well. They had people to man the garbages and make sure you were putting compost in the compost and paper in paper and so on... Its pretty cool if you ask me.

It was crowded which I expected since Seattle is recognized for their "greeness." It was sort of like a fair, but minus all the rides and stinky food. LOADS of samples and freebies.
Some of my favorite freebies was the Goat Milk Soap--got myself 2 bars!
I didn't buy anything. There wasnt' anything that I really wanted anyway. It was neat to just see what you normally see online in real life.
They had many speakers and workshops, but nothing that interested me enough to drag Noah into.
Lots of shopping was there and a bunch of Home improvement vendors were there too. Which we pulled a lot of buisness cards from so when we are ready to overhaul our kitchen we'll be armed to make a few phone calls.
I'd go again for sure. Next year I will get there early so its not so crowded, but all in all people were really nice and friendly. Hardly anyone smelled like BO, but there was quite a few dreadlocks!!
When the Green Festival posts their pictures on their site, I'll be sure to link it up. I didn't take any pictures inside where all the vendors were because it was SO crowded and in case you didn't know, I'm not very tall.

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